4IR Skills Application Portal

The 4IR Skills Programme aims to create a world class community of talent skilled in the most desirable skills. The unique learning platforms ensure that you receive best in class training and development, preparing you for employment or entrepreneurship on completion.

4IR Skills revolution
What is the 4IR Skills
The 4IR Skills Programme focuses on building the capability and capacity for future digital skills that can be applied across sectors. It is led by the South African Ministry of Communications in partnership with Deviare, Microsoft, Cisco,  Leaders in Motion Academy & Global Entrepreneurship Network.

The 4IR Skills Programme Options.

DronePiloting 128x128

Drone Piloting

Learn to use drones for mapping, aerial photography & videography, and more.


3D Printing

Creating three dimensional solid objects from digital files.


Software Dev

Learn to specify, design, create, test, document & maintain modern applications.


Cyber Security

Protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.


Cloud Computing

Manage remote servers to maintain data and applications


Digital Content Production

Creates, build and publish content for digital platforms.


Data Science

Extract knowledge & insights from structured & unstructured data.

For more information on the individual Programme options, please visit the About 4IR Skills page.

The 4IR Skills Programme Requirements.


South African Citizens

The programme is only to open to South African citizens


18+ Years Old

Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to qualify.


Matric Certificate

All applicants should have passed Matic. In addition, some of the programme options require a pass in Pure Maths.